Many people have called and emailed us to ask if our company is a taxi or uubeer service.

We are not a taxi company. We are a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Company. We provide services for moving assistance to people for some reasons are not able to drive for their appointment to the Doctor, to run errands, to visit loved one, to go to a game, etc….. We do pick-up / drop/pick-up on request.

Our Drivers are trained to handle emergency situation until helps arrived. They are all First-Aid / CPR / AED certified Trainer, they are Defensive Driving and PASS certified.

To provide safe, comfortable and reliable Transportation service, A & G Transportation has several vehicles including regular van, ambulatory van and Handicap van.

We accept cash, check and credit/debit card.

Contact us 24/7 at: 401-545-2653 / 401-241-1005 or email us at: